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Skilled Worker Class: This category is essential part in allowing for a workforce to allow for growing Canadian economy. Canada allows persons with skills to contribute to the economy a pathway to faster pathway to permanent residence. Our office can assist you answering your questions and assisting you providing legal services.

Federal skilled workers are foreign nationals that is for persons with skills/experience in certain occupations and who are issued Canadian permanent resident visas based on their ability to contribute to the Canadian economy and become established in Canada due to their economic ability.

If a Skilled Worker is successful in obtaining Permanent residency, there are certain residence obligations to maintain their status. 

Eligible Federal Skilled Workers require a minimum of 67 points that is based on the following 6 selection criteria.

  1. Education – maximum of 25 points
  2. Language Skills – maximum of 28 points for language ability.
  3. Work Experience: based on last 10 years of work experience a maximum of 15 points.
  4. Age: Maximum of 12 points
  5. Arranged Employment: For arranged employment maximum of 10 points.
  6. Adaptability: Maximum of 10 points.


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Canadian Experience Class:

This program is created for temporary foreign workers that want to become Permanent Residents.

The temporary foreign worker has already proven their contribution to Canadian economy, and this increases the chances of integration as a permanent resident. Members under this class have as international students and temporary foreign workers been part of Canadian society.

AS long as they meet the criteria, and as a result pass, they become permanent residents of Canada. This program is beneficial to both temporary workers and for international students.

Federal Skilled Trades- this program is designed for persons who want to become Canadian permanent residents based on being in a qualified skilled trade. This program looks at this skilled trade to establish the applicant becoming able to economically integrate into Canadian society.

The Skilled Worker Program is constantly changing and it is important that your lawyer is aware of changes in the applications and current programs that can aid in reducing your wait time.