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Spousal Sponsorship enables us to assist you in sponsoring your spouse to Canada. The process of Spousal Sponsorship can be difficult for many Canadians. Understanding the legal requirements can make uniting with your Spouse essential and can reduce the delays caused by lack of knowledge.

Spousal Sponsorship includes married couples, common-law partners, and conjugal partners.

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship: Canadian citizens and permanent immigrants can sponsor parents and grandparents to Canada.

Parent and Grandparent SuperVisa: Parents and Grandparents can also get Super Visa that allows them to visit Canada up to two years. This super visa is valid for up to 10 years.

Dependent Child Sponsorship and Other Sponsorship: Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor dependent children to reside with them in Canada. Dependent children includes biological, adopted, and other orphaned family members.

There are also provincial programs to consider that are not part of the Federal Sponsorship programs.


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Sponsor: A sponsor must be Canadian citizen or Canada permanent resident of 18 years or older and be permitted to sponsor family class members. Sponsor and the sponsored have to sign agreement that each of them understands their responsibilities and obligations. The person sponsoring has to sign a contract that the person coming to Canada will be their responsibility for a specific number of years.


Their may be restrictions that may not allow one to sponsor, including:

  • you have sponsored another person and three years have not passed that person become permanent resident.
  • you under removal order
  • -you are convicted of certain crimes
  • you have applied to sponsor another person and awaiting decision
  • you are in penal instruction such as jail.
  • you were previously sponsored as spouse and has been less than 5 years since you become a Canadian permanent resident.


Conditional Period for Permanent Resident:

Those in relationship including marriage, common law, conjugal partner must remain together in a legitimate relationship worth their sponsor for minimum of 24 months form the day they acquired their Canadian Permanent Residency. Otherwise they can risk losing their Canadian permanent residency.

This condition applies to those that do not have common children.