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Mischief: Involves being charged under Section 430 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Mischief involves the destruction of property, or making the property ineffective and also interference with any person in the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property. While Mischief can involve property damage such as cell phones it also includes larger property destruction or interference.

There two charges of Mischief are under or over $5000. Depending on the value of the property damaged, you will be charged accordingly. While one may destroy property solely owned by them, they cannot damage or destroy property co-owned. For example if one was to damage the door of their house, jointly owned with their partner or another person, they would still face the charge of Mischief.


We have over the 14 years of experience provided assisting clients in avoiding getting criminal convictions, fines and jail. We may be able to negotiate with Crown for restitution for damaged property in order to avoid criminal conviction.


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