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Charges of Impaired Driving, Driving over 80 or refusing a breath sample are all governed by the Criminal Code. Mr. Singh has experience representing clients charged with these types of offences. The serious consequences of these charges can lead to criminal conviction, but also loss of driving licence; that for some has significant impact on their ability to travel or do their employment. These offences also require a lawyer who has the knowledge to understand the technical issues involved in successfully defend clients charged with this offence.

Consequences of Impaired driving offences include

  1. Criminal record
  2. Fines over $1000 dollars
  3. Minimum driving prohibition of 1 year for first time offender, and 3 year driving prohibition for second offence
  4. Ignition controlled device being installed into your vehicle

Further car insurance rates increases by substantial amount once the person has a record for impaired related charges.


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