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Assault is intentional application of force against another person without their permission. Assault can also be the act of threatening another individual with an act or gesture. Another instance of assault is if you openly carry a weapon and approach an individual in an intimidating manner. There are various forms of assault that include intentionally applying direct or indirect force to another person, without that person’s consent.

The lawyers at R&S Lawyers will provide exceptional legal representation for assault charges including:

  • Assault
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault causing bodily harm

People are allowed to engage in what’s called consent fight, this means no weapons were involved and no body suffered injuries to the extent that the accused is charged with Assault Bodily Harm or Aggravated Assault.

An assault requires that the force applied was done intentionally. An Assault does not require actual contact with the complainant, an Assault could be threatening to apply force and have the ability to apply force at the time when it occurs. Usually most persons charges with Assault when there is actual force applied, even though as earlier stated there is no actual requirement.

Assault Bodily Harm: This is when there is any injury that interferes with the health of the person in a more serious manner then what is often called simple assault. Punishments with Assault Bodily Harm are more serious then simple Assault.


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Aggravated Assault: An Aggravated Assault is the most serious form of Assault charge. It is committed when the accused wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant. While intention to apply force is certainly required, the accused does not have actually intend to wound, maim, or disfigure to be found guilty of this offence. As long as it was objectively that actions of the accused could result in this occurring to the victim.  If the accused is found guilty of this offence in addition to criminal conviction, the accused is likely to face a lengthy prison sentence.

The charges of Assault Bodily Harm where Crown proceeds by indictment and Aggravated Assault are classified as serious personal injury offences. As a result they do not qualify for conditional sentence, ie. Getting to serve you sentence in the community. Therefore result in jail sentences.

Our office has represented and successfully defended multiple accused charged with all types of assaults. Let our office assist you in these matters.

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