A Will is a legal document that provides details on how you wish your estate to be administered and includes whom you have identified as your beneficiaries.  The Will document is an important document that is used as part of the process after your passing. It ensures that all your assets are given to the beneficiaries you have identified, consistent with your wishes and instructions.  Ensuring you have a Will is one of the most important investments a person can make, as it is the final direction on how you want your assets to be divided.  If a Will does not exist, this can cause stress, tension, delay, disputes and expenses to your family and loved ones. 

If a Will is not developed, this can lead to serious, uncontrolled consequences. A will needs to clearly determine who your beneficiaries will be, how your estate will be divided, and who will be the executor responsible for ensuring your intentions and obligations are looked after.  In this situation, the process will follow standard rules developed by the government, which may not be what you would have liked.


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