R&S Lawyers in Association

R & S Lawyers is a leading-edge law firm, made up of lawyers with almost 25 years of combined experience.  Since its establishment, R & S Lawyers has consistently delivered legal services with a core mandate to provide reliable, solid and exceptional expertise that a reputable law firm can deliver.  This long-established law firm is known for delivering quality legal representation to clients and the community.  When retaining the services of R & S Lawyers, you are putting yourselves in the capable, caring hands of seasoned lawyers, with a respected trial record.  Our involvement in the regions we serve highlights our commitment to our clients and our objective of making our communities better.

This firm is focused on superior, individualized service, driven by client needs and objectives.  The client is central to everything.  R & S Lawyers will consult with you personally from the beginning, formulating a unique plan to address client priorities.  The lawyers will work hand-in-hand with you, to implement the best legal strategy that meets client needs.

R & S Lawyers and its team endeavor to address all legal needs in Peel Region and beyond, providing an expertise in Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law and Wills & Estates.  This law firm is made up of qualified senior lawyers with Canadian legal experience, who utilize the utmost professionalism blended with compassion, to address legal challenges and defend clients in court. 

While R & S Lawyers is known in Peel Region, we continue to serve clients across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.  R & S Lawyers is known for its reputable, full-service community orientation.  It proudly works in the communities it serves.  In addition to providing quality, cost-effective, and friendly service, R & S Lawyers strives to make the law easy to understand.  Therefore, legal services are provided in a variety of languages including Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.