Weapons Offences:  A possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public’s peace or for the purpose of committing is criminal offence can lead to charge. While certain things are clearly defined as weapon, other items the Crown must prove that is related to list of items that are considered a weapon. Further the intention of the accused is of central issue. While the issue of dangerous to the public peace involves disturbing the normal set of affairs. This requires understanding of case law on what constitutes normal set of affairs and in which manner these set of affairs disturbed. There are situations where items that were not intended or acquired as a weapon, were alleged as being used as weapon.

Firearms: These offences are aggressively punished by the Crowns. These offences also require having knowledge and control of the firearm, in addition we assist our clients in seeking any Charter protections that are available to them. A conviction for Firearms charge can mean a lengthy sentence of jail for number of years. While many of the mandatory sentences for firearms charges have been struck down by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. Still a person convicted of this offence based on the case law faces a lengthy in number of years. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer such as Mr. Singh , who has successfully represented many accused of offences related to Firearms.


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